Re-Branding Teams / 03. Blackpool

Soccer - Coca-Cola Football League Championship - Play Off Final - Blackpool v Cardiff City - Wembley Stadium

This week I will be taking a look at another former Premier League team in my re-branding project; Blackpool.  Before I get into this one, I just want to mention that this blog shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  It’s merely a way for me to keep my creative juices flowing and I have friends that show interest in these posts.

That being said, my last entry gained 165 views in the first day.  100 more than the one before it.  I’m happy with this reach.  Thank you everybody that has given me any feedback so far.

Each post involves me doing research on the club I’m covering, it’s great to learn about a side’s origins and image history.  Anyway, let’s get cracking.

Blackpool are a team that I actually didn’t know too much until the past few years in all honesty.  When I began watching football they sat in the old Division 2 for many years, though I don’t recall seeing them play Chesterfield it’s more than likely I have.

I had a Subbuteo team that was Holland for internationals and Blackpool for club level games., they had many a game against Juventus as the Italian side were my favourite team to use in the old table top football game.


The more recent spell in the Premier League in the 2010/11 season brought them to my attention more.  Notably because they had former Chesterfield defender Ian Evatt (though he’s since returned to the Spireites) in their squad.  Always nice to see ex CFC players on the Premiership!  Since then they have suffered a little and currently sit in the bottom half of League One.  I understand there are some issues between fans and ownership going by what I see on Twitter but I won’t go into that.


Again, ’Pool are a team formed in the late 1800s.  Their roots begin as far back as 1877 as a church team ‘Victoria FC’, which folded after 9 years of existence.  Another local team; Blackpool St John’s rejected a proposal to drop the ‘St John’s’ title and represent the town so supporters in favour of re-forming Victoria reportedly met at the Stanley Arms in July 1887 thus Blackpool Football Club was officially born.

The Tangerines actually lost their Football League status after finishing 3rd from bottom of Division Two in 1899 however a merger with local rivals South Shore FC and a move to SSFC’s newly acquired Bloomfield Road ground lead to the team regaining F.L status a year later.  Bloomfield Road has been their home ever since.



The first recognisable crest was introduced in 1908, a simple shield with the teams initials overlapping each other.  Following this they changed to the town’s coat of arms until 1952 when the club’s current badge had its first introduction.

This would be the first incarnation of the one present today.  There’s a lot of reasoning behind this design.  According to this football historian blog the black bars signify the waves of the sea and the golden bars the bright shining sands of Blackpool beach. The seagull is an emblem suitable for a seaside resort.

The fleur-de-lis and the lion come from the arms of the Banks and Cocker families respectively and their inclusion in the arms of the Borough is meant to maintain the close association of those families with the early history of the town. The fortifications of a tower represent the idea of “corporateness”, and is also the emblem of grandeur and solidity. The sails of a windmill refer to “the Fylde” a district in which Blackpool occupies an important and prominent position.  The red rose refers to the County.

And breathe…

Before reverting back to variations of this design The Seasiders had a couple of different emblems.  In 1969 they reverted to using just ‘BFC’ this time in a circular badge, followed by my personal favourite from 1979, a simplistic image of The Blackpool Tower and a couple of waves.

Following this they used a crest based on the Lancashire rose, with a seagull and wave as the centre piece, up until 1993 when they reverted back to the theme they use today.

My design.


I tried to carry over some of the elements from the current crest and create something fresh, while being wary of over cluttering this finished design which is a modern take on the previous tower crest.

As the Blackpool Tower is inspired by the Eiffel Tower I took early inspiration for this from Paris St. Germain’s crest.  Though I was wary of making it too similar.

Going with a circular look, the Tower takes centre stage with a parting at the bottom similar to that of the ’79 design. The waves sit in the background and a seagull in the foreground makes up for empty space and the sides of the tower; with the windmill reference sitting at the base of the crest.

I didn’t want to over complicate this one and was keen to pay homage to my favourite Blackpool badge of the previous designs.

In closing.

I feel this one came out well.  One of the goals of this is to offer alternative designs to those that have been seen by the respective clubs before while subtly referencing them.  It was a challenge to involve elements of their crest history but I think it came out well.

As always I would love to hear thoughts on this design, or what you would like to see should The Tangerine’s decide to re-brand.  Whether you’re a Blackpool fan or not, drop a comment below or tweet me @JasonKallend.

That’s the 3rd entry in this project down, time to tackle a current Premier League team next and former European Cup winning side; Aston Villa.

Thanks for stopping by!

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